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Dr. Lal has devoted his entire adult life educating himself in order to deliver the highest quality dental care to his patients.

Below are some of the highlights of this journey.

1st Prize, Award for best table clinic presentation. American College of Prosthodontists  Annual conference, New Orleans, November 1-4, 2001.

Dr. Kunal Lal with 1st Prize Award for Best Table Clinic at Amercan College of Prosthodontists An
Dr. Kunal Lal 1st place ribbons for best table clinic presentation at ACP Annual Meeting 2001

To the best of my knowledge, this was one of the first documented cases of guided surgery in a peer reviewed journal, September 2001.

Journal of Prosthodontics September 2001 Issue
Journal of Prosthodontics September 2001 Issue Table Clinic Synopses
Journal of Prosthodontics September 2001 Issue Table Clinic Synopses page 2

Editor of The Journal of Prosthodontics, Dr. Patrick Lloyd reviewing my table clinic.  He subsequently wrote me a letter inviting me to submit this work for publication.

Dr. Patrick Lloyd reviewing Dr. Kunal Lal Table Clinic at ACP Annual Meeting 2001
Letter from Dr. Patrick Lloyd inviting Dr. Kunal Lal to write an article for the Journal of Prosthodontics based on table clinic work.

Four years later! I finally published my master's of science in a 2 part publication in the Journal of Prosthodontics titled Use of Stereolithographic Templates for Ideal Surgical and Prosthodontics Placement Parts I & II. 

Made the cover of the Journal! 

Journal of Prosthodontics Cover Januay 2006 featuring article by Dr. Kunal Lal
Personal Note from Alethea Gerding managing editor of Journal of Prosthodontics

Board Certified, March 1, 2006


Successfully completed Part I examination in February 18, 2002. Chicago, IL 

                                         Part IV examination in October 2003, Dallas, TX

                                         Part II examination in February 2004, Chicago, IL

                                         Part III examination in February 2006, Chicago, IL

"Best of luck for the future" Paul Schnitman wrote on the Program Guide after viewing my presentation.

At Diplomate Induction Ceremony during Annual ACP in Miami, 2006.

Took my residents in Post Graduate Prosthodontics for an immediate load course with doctors Tom Balshi and Glenn Wolfinger.

Inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society

Mentored one of my graduate students, Dr. Steven Park, on his research on accuracy of guided surgery.  His work was awarded 3rd place of the prestigious Tylman Award during the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics in Chicago.

Digital Dentistry Forum Inaugural Launch - April 27, 2018.

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